Massage 101

I remember the first time I got a professional Massage, I didn’t have a clue what to do and was shy about asking questions. I still had a good massage but definitely did things different the next time. I want to help you have a different, better experience!  Here are some common questions and information about massage that I hope helps you relax and enjoy your session more, whether you are a first timer or have been getting massages for years. 

First time Massage?

Number ONE rule: If you don’t know please ask! 

  • Intake Form – before your session you will be given a form with questions about your health, what brings you in for a massage, allergies, and the like. Your therapist may also ask you follow up question for clarification. I’d like to highlight some of the questions and explain the reason behind them. 

*please note not all questionnaires are the same, they will vary from business to business

  •  Allergies – This might seem self explanatory but don’t forget to list topical allergies or skin sensitivities. We use several different types of lotions/oils and we want to be sure to keep your skin healthy and allergen free. Also if using essential oil blends we want to make sure they are safe for you. 
  • Is there any where you don’t want to be massaged? – ALL Massage sessions are 100% non sexual so this is not addressing private areas. It is addressing your personal preferences and personal space needs. Some people are very ticklish and don’t want those areas touched, such as feet or knees. Also, some people just have an aversion to having their feet touched, their head massaged, or are uncomfortable with any glute (buttocks muscles) work. We want you to relax and be at peace during your massage so please let us know!
  • What brings you here today? – To get a massage, obviously! This question wants to know if you are looking to relax, if you have sore spots, or a specific aliment that brings you in for a massage. There can be several variations of this question but basically this is what we want to know so we can work to accomplish your goals for the session. It also helps us help you get the correct massage. For instance, if you say you want to ‘relax and unwind’ but have booked a deep tissue massage we may point out that a deep tissue can help with muscle tension but it is sometimes uncomfortable and may not be what you are looking for today. 
Session Time – Getting on the table, massage process, getting off the table. After your intake and brief interview your therapist will probably say something like “Undress to your comfort level and get on the table face up/face down, under the top sheet. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

  •  Clothing – What should you leave on or take off?? While I understood what my own comfort meant, for my first massage I was unsure what was acceptable or needed. You will be under a sheet/blanket the entire massage and only the area being worked on (back, arm, etc.) will be undraped. All private areas will remained covered 100% of the time, the sheet will be wrapped or tucked as needed to preserve modesty. You may undress completely (nude) or leave whatever clothing will make you comfortable on for the session. Your therapist will work around/through any clothing you choose to leave on.